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Blicke is now available!

My new game Blicke is now available for iOS and Android!

Download it now!



About Blicke

Blicke is a puzzle game with simple but challenging gameplay, without long tutorials or different types of objects or items.

No lives; no time or move count limit; no IAP or ads. The game objective is to challenge the player to complete the puzzles and learn them in a natural process as he advances in levels.

This doesn’t mean that Blicke is an easy game. On the contrary: there are 72 levels, each increasing in difficulty. Players will have to work hard to solve them all.

Your feedback is appreciated!

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  1. Hi Bivis, really like Blicke – you developed a great game!
    However I got stuck on level 38 for 2 days now … Are u sure there exists a solution? A small hint please … 🙂