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Blicke – Level 38 Hint

Several players contact me with difficulties to beat the level 38 on Blicke.

So I’m giving a hint of the half solution of this level:

Blicke Level 38 Hint

I take this opportunity to test what kind of the tips work or not, to include them in the game.

Did you like the tip? Did it help you? Give me your opinion.

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  1. Still can’t teach the third block to move it under the other two. Can move it to the top row, but then there are two beside each other at the top … Frustrated!

  2. I spent a week on #38 before thinking of looking for a solutions file and found this site. Took only a minute with your hint. I was stuck trying to get a stack on the left when I needed to look to the right. Great game for developing “out of the box” thinking.

    • Hi, Maria.
      Starting move your blue block in this sequence: down, right, up, left, up, right, down, rigth, down, left, up.
      You will get your blocks like the image. Then move your blue block up, left, down… And it almost there!

  3. I’ve loving the game but been stuck on level 71 for 10 days now. I can get yellow, or red in, but not both. Heeelp please. Many thanks

  4. Scratch that, solved it. Yellow up once. Red – RDULULDRDRULDRDLUR… Its always a pice of cake AFTER you solve it…

    • I was lost in 71 as well.. thanks for the help?
      Next I went all the way to 77 pritty quick..

      Here is how to handle 75.
      Blue- DR
      Yellow- DLDR
      Green- LDLDR
      Red- DR. – the red and the green is easy now.. ?
      Blue- U
      Yellow- RU. Then move them both straigh- L
      Blue- DLU…. See.. 👍🏼

  5. Stuck on 82… Blitzed through 80, and then struggled with 81, but got it. 82 is throwing me for a loop though…

    • Can you tell me how you got 81 please? I have posted a message both here and on the Facebook page with no reply to either.

      • You’re the best!! I actually passed level 82 last night and moved up to level 83. This game is incredibly frustrating to play until you get the solution, and then you kick yourself for not having seen it sooner. The only thing I really hate about the game is that I’m almost finished with it and I’m gonna have to go back to Clash of Clans until you come out with new levels. 🙂

        Great game! 10/10 for enjoyment!

  6. Level 81 has a Yellow goal. The two grey bricks should go: 1 space to the right of that, and directly below that spot. They’ll stack vertically just to the right of the Yellow goal. If you can get them both there, then the rest of the level should look pretty easy. 🙂

  7. Well, I finally beat it. All 84 levels- The whole thing… what an absolute blast to play!! Thanks again M for making such a great game!!

  8. Finally finished all 84 levels and have loved the challenge enormously. Thanks for such a great game and I look forward to further levels in the future. Definitely 10/10 for me.

  9. Hey Bivis!
    i am stuck on level 67 can you help me with the level Please???

    greetings from the Netherlands